Technical & Project Representation

Eureqa provide highly experienced personnel available on a short- or long-term basis for Technical Consultancy or Offshore Project Representation.

We are specialist in provision of client representatives and continue to develop our pool of experienced, reliable and competent personnel who are experts in their field. They are also very familiar with the relevant international or local statutory codes and industry specific legislation.

This core group of very experienced personnel, are available to share their skills and expertise with your subsea team.

Expertise available include:
  • Geotechnical - Trenching and burial.
  • Rock dumping.
  • Diving Advisor/Representative.
  • Pipe Lay - Rigid and Flexible Lay Specialist.
  • ROV – Deepwater projects, other Diverless interventions.
  • All aspects of subsea construction – riser installation, subsea structure installation.