About Project Management

Our project management expertise spans a wide range of engineering services and project types, ranging from delivering work packages to Project management consultancy services to turnkey contracts where we are usually embedded and work closely with our clients teams to manage small/medium sized Subsea projects.

Eureqa is a project oriented company, projects are at the heart of what we do. Eureqa inserts into each client project a small dedicated project-focused team with in-depth knowledge and practical experience of delivering fast-track Subsea projects. These teams are typically made up of three personnel per project, one Project Manager and two Project Engineers with an associated project support function. The Project Managers are certified Project Management Practitioners (APM - IPMA Level D) as a minimum.

Our project professionals maintain high standards of personal and professional conduct. We apply state of the art project management tools, systems and techniques to ensure our clients quality, cost and time objectives are met.

Eureqa project experts are not linear thinkers but systems thinkers that focus on the whole. Projects are not just seen as unique change management problems but as systems, with complex interactions of dependent and interdependent variables, sub-systems or elements in which inputs are transformed to outputs through processes, tools and techniques.