Our Core Values


Safety is at the heart of our values, it forms the core of our work culture. We believe there is never a business justification for not achieving an incident free work place and environment.


We believe quality starts at design conception and can hardly be ‘inspected in’ at a later stage. Therefore, early engagement with our clients to understanding their quality requirements and how it measures with international standards is key to our quality delivery model. Our customers know us for our rigorous Quality systems and processes – our goal is to get it right first time always.


We conduct our work in an ethical manner and strive to maintain FAIR relationships with clients, suppliers, employees and our host communities who will recognise our integrity as a key differentiating factor. We say what we will do and do what we say with accountability, trust, openness and dependability. Our business dealings will be guided by our values, supported by our code of business conduct at all times.


We are lean and nimble, our customers will know us for always delivering solutions on time and on budget with agile work methods at the core of our business process systems. We will constantly strive to remove waste inducing, non-value added processes from our work streams and share the value thus created with our clients and people.


Collaborative relationships will remain sacred. We will build and maintain long-term customer RELATIONSHIPS. We believe working collaboratively with our internal and external clients, local communities and key suppliers is good for business and guaranties repetition of performance.


We respect individuality and creativity as an engine for continuous improvement. We encourage our people to challenge the basic assumptions in our industry and welcome open discussions about entirely new ways of problem solving.