Installation Analysis & Seafastening Design

Our engineers are exceptionally experienced in carrying out installation analysis for different installation cases using the latest technology and industry recognised software like Orcaflex, Abaqus and FS2000 .

Some of our capabilities are:

Hydrodynamic / Splash Zone Overboarding Analysis

Our service involves the analysis of sea and structure interactions during deployment to determine if the structure geometry and current design requires minor changes to allow for safe deployment. It is also used to determine the limiting environmental conditions (sea state and wind speed) for structure deployment and installation from a particular vessel using metocean data, crane curves and the vessel RAOs.

Reeling Analyses for rigid pipelines

The cyclic loading of a rigid pipe during reeling can be accurately modelled by our experts to determine the axial stress-strain history , accumulated plastic strain, residual tension after straightening, requirement for an Engineering Criticality Assessment (ECA), residual ovality of pipe, minimum back tension, optimum straightener settings, buckling checks etc.

The cyclic loading of a rigid pipe during reeling can be accurately modelled by our experts. To be able to predict the loadings and geometrical changes the pipe will experience, analyses of the reeling process are performed. These analyses cover all aspects of the reeling process including the calculation of required back tension, reeling, unreeling process and straightening analyses, calculation of accumulated plastic strain, assessment of ovalisation induced in the pipeline during reeling and buckling calculations. These are performed using FE software along with MathCAD and Excel calculation sheets.

Lifting , Transportation/Seafastening and load-out Analysis