About Engineering Procurement

Eureqa engineering procurement is set-up to efficiently acquire and deliver the materials and equipment required by our clients, on time, within budget and to the right quality specifications. We continue to develop and maintain strategic supplier relationships globally that allows us to bring long-term value to the end user.

At Eureqa, we believe in zero defects and quality improvement from project to project until we attain unprecedented levels of procurement performance.

To do this we perform the following activites:
  • Identification of potential suppliers
  • Obtaining quotations from suppliers
  • Evaluation of supplier's quotations
  • Selection of successful bidders
  • Determine appropriate contracting methods for these goods
  • Assessment of supplier's performance
  • Perform close-out activities on procurement files
This exercise of our buying power also requires that our buyers take into consideration a number of factors such as: the supplier's financial condition, delivery schedules, terms and conditions compliance, quality and competitiveness, and the needs of the ultimate user of the materials and equipment – our valued clients.